Solid Wing Chun Dummy - regular
Solid Wing Chun Dummy - regular
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Solid wooden dummy of top-quality! Available in several models!


60,000 KG

Default delivery time

3 weeks

€ 1.024,99
Price per unit
General Information
This top-quality solid dummy is made from hardwood and is a perfect dummy for the dedicated Wing-Chun practitioner! The default model features non-adjustable upper-arms (parallel), a regular leg (without knee) and a clear coat finish.

By default the dummy is delivered without a stand or frame. However, we offer you the possibility to order these at reduced prices:

  • the 'Steel dummy stand - basic': in stead of 149,99 you pay just 119,99 (incl. taxes).
  • the 'Wooden dummy frame'; in stead of 249,99 you just pay 179,99

Of course it is also possible to order this type of dummy with a black pattern, a full-bodied stain (white, black and brown), a personalized engraving, non-parallel arms and/or a leg with knee.
 Option  Additional charge in Euro's 
 (incl. taxes)
 Full-bodied stain (please specify color below) 30,-
 Black pattern & brown stain 50,-
 Personalised engraving
 (15cm x 10cm /5.9inch x 3.9 inch)
 Non-parallel arms 50,-
 Leg with knee 45,-
In case you opt for an engraving, you can specify your wishes below and/or include an example. Once the order is placed we will contact you to align your wishes with the final design.
The dummy has the traditional measures. The default length of the lower leg is approximately 46 cm. For a small supplemental fee the lower leg is also available in other lengths. Interested? Please contact us via email for more information.
The solid dummy consists of laminated parts and is entirely made from the hardwood beech. Beech is a strong, hard and splinter-free wood type. The wood features an even structure and a fine grain, which makes it easier to work with.
The beech is steamed and has, based on NEN 6760, strength class D35.
Makers vision
Ideal for indoor use, where the wood is protected from wind and weather. The solid hardwood dummy is heavy and therefore feels a lot more real during your training. This in combination with the use of Beech makes the dummy very resistant to powerful strikes. It makes it a dummy of top-quality and the perfect dummy for the dedicated Wing Chun practitioner.
The schools of the Associatie Wing Chun Kung-Fu use these dummies with very great pleasure during their training.
In case you prefer to completely tailor the dummy to your needs and requirements, just contact us for more information or an offer.
All dummies are signed by Patrick and include a date mark.
Disclaimer and Warranty info
All orders are subject to our general Terms & Conditions. Please be aware that prevention of cracks is your responsibility. Wood is a natural material that is affected by humidity changes during the year. As such we strongly recommend to not place a dummy next to a radiator, in the sun, in rooms with a high humidity e.g.

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