Wooden Dummy - basic
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Nice Wing Chun dummy!


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General Information
Nice wooden Wing Chun dummy with an old look and feel!! This model consists of softwoods, features adjustable upper-arms (non-parallel), a leg with a knee and includes a stand (Dummy Stand Floor - basic). The wooden man is finished with a brown stain and waxed.
The dummy has the traditional measures.
The dummy is made from the softwood Douglas. Douglas is a softwood from Nord-West Europe with a high sustainability and strength by nature, which makes is broadly applicable.

The Douglas wood used for this dummy is CE certified and has, based on NEN 6760, strength class C18. The beech is steamed and has, based on NEN 6760, strength class D35.
Makers vision
This type of dummy is ideal for indoor use, where the wood is protected from wind and weather.  
All dummies are signed by Patrick and include a date mark.

Disclaimer and Warranty info
All orders are subject to our general Terms & Conditions. Please be aware that prevention of cracks is your responsibility. Wood is a natural material that is affected by humidity changes during the year. As such we strongly recommend to not place a dummy next to a radiator, in the sun, in rooms with a high humidity e.g.

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Dennis Janssen - 30-12-2020 12:09

Dit is een zeer mooie en stevige dummy op een goede stalen basis. De dummy heeft ook gaten voor een muur frame in het lichaam. Werkt prima.
Super mooi afgewerkt, prettige contact met Patrick, denkt echt met je mee! Ik kan deze dummy echt aanraden. Ik volg zelf de WSL lijn van Ving Tsun. 5 sterren geef ik de dummy, het contact en de algehele communicatie. Dennis Janssen