Wall-mounted half dummy
Wall-mounted half dummy
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Limited space? This wall-mounted half dummy is the ideal solution!


18,000 KG

Default delivery time

2 weeks

€ 329,99
Price per unit
General Information:
This wall mounted half dummy is made of hardwood and finished with a clear coat. The model consists of three arms, with adjustable upper-arms (non-parallel). The trunk height is 110 cm (43.3 inch) and the length of the slats will be customized to your needs; you can specify the measurements below.

It is also possible to order this type of dummy with a personalized engraving, a black pattern and/or full-bodied stains (white, black and brown).

 Option  Additional charge in Euro's 
 (incl. taxes)
 Full-bodied stain
 (please specify color below)
 Black pattern & brown stain 40,-
 Personalized engraving 65,-

In case you opt for an engraving, you can specify your wishes below and/or include an example. Once the order is placed we will contact you to align your wishes with the final design. 

Please do note that this half-dummy needs to be mounted to the wall and requires 4 fixing points.
This type of dummy is made of beech wood. Beech is a hard wood. A strong, hard and splinter free wood type. The wood features an even structure and a fine grain, which makes it easier to work with.
The beech used for this dummy is steamed and has strength class D35. 
Makers vision:
This type of dummy is ideal for indoor use, where the wood is protected from wind and weather. It is the perfect dummy for the Wing-Chun practitioner who has limited space at home, but still likes to practice their routine and technique. Due to the type of wood used, the dummy is of high-quality.
In case you prefer to completely tailor the dummy to your needs and requirements, just contact us for more information or an offer.
Delivery time:
1-3 weeks
All dummies are signed by Patrick and include a date mark.
Disclaimer and Warranty info:
All orders are subject to our general Terms & Conditions. Please be aware that prevention of cracks is your responsibility. Wood is a natural material that is affected by humidity changes during the year. As such we strongly recommend to not place a dummy next to a radiator, in the sun, in rooms with a high humidity e.g.

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