Steel dummy stand with springs!
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Limited space?  This steel stand with springs might be a solution!


18,000 KG

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This sturdy stand with three springs is suitable for both the Basic Line dummies as well as the Premium Line dummies. The use of adjustable springs enables you to adapt the flexibility of the dummy.  The body is placed in a case which features an adjustable-diameter; tightening the bolts on the back-side of the case allows you to adjust the diameter. By filling up the case with rings, the height of the dummy can be changed as well (this stand is supplied with two rings).
This stand is completely made of steel and finished with a quality hammered finish. The rings for the case are made of MDF.
  • base - 23.6x23.6 in.
  • hieght case - 9.8 in.
  • diameter case - adjustable
  • distance base/case - adjustable
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