"The Wing Chun Dumy Factory has been delivering dummies for me and my students for many years now. These dummies are always of high-quality en beautifully designed - down to the smallest detail. True craftsmanship! The dummy you buy is an unique item which will last for years."
Master Don Schouten
"The Wing Chun Dummy Factory makes beautiful wooden dummies. We, the Wing Chun Kung Fu Associatie, founded by mr. R. Vogel (senior), enjoy using their products. They are produced with high precision and passion; you can even order your own design. We wish you a lot of joy with your new Muk Yan Chong."
Robert Vogel
"I recently bought a dummy at the The Wing Chun Dummy Factory and I am very satisfied!  Durable material for a god price and good service!  Highly recommended!
Dennis Berkhout
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